An Ordinary Day

Just an ordinary day, but so much happens in the course of an ordinary day.  In the morning I took Isabel to school, then came home and had maybe half an hour of facebook time before going to the dentist, which I’ve been dreading, but it went rather quickly, and the pain I’ve been feeling since my last visit is mostly gone.

I walked home, because it was a lovely morning for a walk and it’s not really far.  I didn’t need to leave for my class until noon so I actually had time to get stuff done, there’s a book I’m supposed to be writing, but I didn’t.  Just facebook again.  Having a bit of a dispute with one character who objected rather strenuously the other day when I called him a Republican, and yet every other post of his is extolling the virtues of John Kasich.

Then it was time for my lesson with the 11 year old Iranian girl.  It had been raining, so I took an umbrella, which turned out to be unneeded.  Just a few light drops, I never even opened it.  The lesson went fairly well,her parents are making sure she gets some intensive lessons before they go home next week, and I think intensive pays off.  You can see a bit of progress day to day.

After that, I went to pick up Isabel, then home.  Defriended the Kasich supporter, and different things appear at the top of my feed.  Change is good.  Wrote a poem for my Poems about Paintings page, which I put up right away – I much prefer working with dead artists.

That’s it.  An ordinary day, with one good poem.  Not too bad.


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