The Dislike Button

I just saw an article (Well, I saw the headline.  This  is a big difference from reading  old print newspapers where you’d see the headline and your eye would just automatically go down and scan the story.  Now, you actually have to click, so often I don’t.  You can read a couple dozen headlines in the time  it  takes to read one  article.  Some misinformation, sure, but there’s some outright lying  in the articles, as well.) about how Mark Zuckerberg is “working on” adding a dislike button to facebook.dislike

I don’t get that.  “Working on.”  There’s a like button.  A dislike button, it seems to me, would employ exactly the same technology.  It’s a question of implement or don’t implement; not a question of ‘working on.’

I don’t know how much I’d use it.  Maybe a lot, because there’s a whole ton of shit on my facebook page I don’t like, and it would certainly take a lot less effort than explaining to each, individual teabagger why they are deluded, a fact of which they remain unconvinced no matter what you say.  It would  be less effort, but even more of a waste of time.

Another thing  I don’t get  is how many  people post status updates saying something like:  This is my page!  It is not a democracy.  You cannot come here and post disrespectful or offensive stuff or I will defriend  you immediately.

Damn.  People are mighty thin-skinned.  Here’s what I say:  you can comment on my comment any way you please.  You are allowed to use bad language.  You  are allowed to disagree with me, and call me an idiot if you feel that to be the  case.  Be prepared to back it up, I will argue with you.  But I won’t defriend you just for saying something rude and obnoxious.  Maybe if you post seriously stupid stuff consistently over a period of time but, basically, I’m here for the debate.  Bring it on.


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