Where Trump Could Screw Up

Must write fast, we’ve got a guest who wants to sleep and it’s awkward as long as I’m sitting here in the living room.

I saw an article today saying “Did Trump finally go too far?” with his tolerance of a questioner in the audience who said Obama was a Muslim.  You’ve got to be kidding.  The ‘Mexican Rapists’ remark wasn’t too far.  The ‘Megan Kelly was probably on the rag when she asked me that question’ remark wasn’t too far.  The whole ‘John McCain was a pussy for being captured’ remark wasn’t too far.

Let’s face it.  There is no too far when it comes to that wing of the Republican party.

I kind of do think Trump will be denied the nomination.  He loves to talk, he says whatever pops into his head, and  sooner or later he will probably say the  wrong thing.

However, it will not be what  liberals think.  The wrong thing among Republicans would be something like ‘Hey, maybe we should look into this  Solar Energy stuff’ or ‘I would always try diplomacy over war’ or ‘it would be a sound  investment to put some money into schools.’

But, he spews a lot of words every day, and sooner or later he’s  likely to slip.


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