The Great Debate

Well, it probably wasn’t great.  I didn’t actually watch, you know, time zones, so I just caught up with it on facebook but I think now I’ve got a reasonable idea of what happened.

Crazy Anti-Semitic Twitter Lady Ann Coulter

Crazy Anti-Semitic Twitter Lady Ann Coulter

Most analysts agree that Walker tanked.  Good.  He’s one I was actually afraid of.  He somehow managed to get elected Governor of Wisconsin twice, and Wisconsin did not used to be considered a crazy state.

If this winds up being a race between Trump, Fiorina, Carson and Bush, then the Democrats are in great shape.  The only one of those who’s ever held elective office is Bush, and he is dumber than a bucketful of hammers and not much more eloquent.

Many are saying that the big winner of the evening was Bernie Sanders, who live tweeted the whole thing and made some brilliant points.  “Why are they not talking about poverty?”  “Why do they all love war so much?”  His tweets were probably seen by more people than actually watched the debates. (meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was NOT live tweeting the  debate – advantage Sanders – he’s like a chess player who makes a couple of extra moves while his opponent goes to the toilet – which is usually a winning strategy, by the way)

Ann Coulter was not as successful with her tweets.  Or maybe she was, if her intention is just to stay in the news.  In response to the fact that Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Marco Rubio made fawning statements about Israel, she tweeted “How many f—-ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States.”

Well, I confess I was unaware of what Ann was talking about when I commented on this on one thread, to the effect that it wasn’t such a nice thing to say.  I was swarmed with Coulter apologists screaming “Context! Context!” because apparently they think there are some contexts in which it’s O.K. to say “fucking Jews.”

The anti-semitism is going to come out something fierce this election.   It’s going to be a weird thing to watch.  On the one hand, the Republicans are fanatically pro-Israel, and evangelical Christians tend to be fanatically  pro-Israel because they actually see biblical prophesies of the end of the world as a  good thing and they’d like to bring it about, but on the other hand they really don’t like Jews very much. (see the Coulter tweet – it’s not exactly the American kristalnacht yet, but it’s an early warning sign)  Bernie Sanders, of course, is Jewish.

Republicans are going to be soooo confused.


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