Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias.  I’m as guilty of that as anybody.  Any stupid damn thing I hear reported that Republicans said, I tend to believe it.  Partly because their track record indicates it.  When you see the sun rise in the East every morning, it is easy enough to figure out that it’s going to rise in the East tomorrow.  Just today, Sarah Palin said that Ahmed Mohamed was a bad person, even though it’s proven he did NOT bring a bomb to school.  Just today, Ben Carson said Muslims should  not be allowed to be president (I don’t see any Muslim candidates on the horizon, so I’m not too worried about it, but he really should  have known how incredibly unconstitutional that was.)  Just today, Mike Huckabbee said something incredibly stupid.  It’s a day.  It’s a day ending in ‘Y’

On the other hand, I am hesitant to believe any bad stories about candidates I support.

I think it’s normal.  We all believe what we want to believe, and we select those articles which will support our viewpoint.

Another thing that I want to believe is that aliens have visited the Earth and are trying to communicate with us.  Because that would be awesome.  So, I listen to all of the alien programs on the Discovery Channel.  I should be more skeptical.  Before and after, they have programs of looking for Bigfoot, and the Chupacabra, and the lost city of Atlantis, all of which I tend to think are nonsense.  It should make me every bit as skeptical as id does when Sarah Palin quotes Brietbart as a lefitimate source.

But, here’s the deal:  If there are no aliens, that means the entire galaxy, the entire universe belongs to us just as soon as we can go out and take it.

Either way, it’s amazing.


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