Politics Around the World

For somebody who’s lived in the Czech Republic for 17 years, I don’t follow local politics nearly enough.  I’m not as critical of Miloš Zeman as a lot of people I know, for instance.  Basically, I see him as a drunken old geezer, who is comically representative of this insanely alcoholic nation.

Bye Bye, Scott. You won't be missed.

Bye Bye, Scott. You won’t be missed.

But, I did find it entertaining, and inspiring, that a group of people managed to get up onto the roof of the castle and replace the Czech flag with a giant pair of red underpants.

It makes me proud to live here; there’s a good, healthy  spirit of anarchy.

I don’t follow British politics closely, either.  So, although I know he’s a conservative, which basically means if he were American he would be a Republican, I don’t care about David Cameron.   I know he’s a horrible person, but I don’t feel it as viscerally as a British person would.  So, I’m  amused at the rumor that, when he was at University, he stuck his dick in a dead pig’s mouth – sort of a drunken frat thing.

I can look at this a bit objectively.  The guy who included this in a book has a serious grudge against Cameron, there is no actual evidence that’s been produced, and Cameron  denies it.

So, this will blow over.  It won’t help Cameron any, but it won’t destroy him.

In American politics, which is the  NBA of politics, I am very happy to see that Scott Walker has dropped out of the presidential race.  After Rick Perry, that makes him the second one to drop out.

It’s worth looking at why he dropped out, though.  Sure, his popularity had withered to nothing, but why?  Sure, his fundraising had dried up, but why?  He was the Koch Brothers’ golden boy.  If his financing dried up, that means they shut it off.

Well, they definitely want to back a winner, and they’ve decided he’s not it.  Expect a surge for whoever replaces Walker in their affections.  Kasich? Rubio?

The reason his support dropped to 0%, though, is kind of scary.  Despite going to war against cops, nurses and teachers, despite believing that unions are the #1 cause of America’s ills, he just wasn’t crazy enough to keep up with Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.

Seriously.  Scott Walker lost because he wasn’t crazy enough.  That’s how bad it is.


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