Most Evil Person in the World

I’m not saying that anyone should kidnap Martin Shkreli, shackle his wrists to the wall at about a foot greater than his height, pull down his trousers and taser his balls until he agrees to start acting like a human being – that would be illegal, and not a nice thing to do.  However, if  somebody were to do that, I would understand their motivation, and I would not be rooting for the police to apprehend them.

This Creep

This Creep

I’m not saying that Martin Shkreli should get tons of hate mail saying that he is an evil man, putting his own profits over the lives of thousands of people.  I am saying it’s odd that most articles don’t mention his name at all, they just refer to him as ‘an ex hedge fund manager. And they never say where he lives.

I am not saying that he should get a chicken bone stuck in his throat at a fancy dinner where absolutely none of his selfish rich friends knows the Heimlich maneuver, and dies, turning purple, on the floor.  But it would be proof of karma.

In short, Martin Shkreli is the most evil person in the world.  He bought the patent on a drug – a very necessary, life saving drug – and raised the price of it – from $13.50 to $750.  People will die.

I’m not saying Martin Shkreli should be dragged by his heels through the streets by drunken motorcyclists while the crowd pelts him with slushies and empties buckets of fire ants over his head. I’m just saying he deserves to be.


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    While I have almost nothing to contribute here, I would suggest there is more to this media exercise than meets the eye. One might ask themselves why this man would ever even consider making any public statement regarding the price change, given the obvious media storm and public backlash it would trigger. Perhaps as future events unfold we will gain insight.

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