Here’s a lovely little tidbit that’s getting passed over as we all yell at Martin Shkreli for being the worst person who ever lived (he is, he really is), or look at Bindi Irwin on Dancing With the Stars and say, ‘Oh my, she has grown,’or get caught up in the Popemania that’s sweeping the nation: the biggest donor to Carly Fiorina’s campaign is…..wait for it…..Ted Cruz.

Nobody knows why, and there’s probably no law against it, but it’s weird enough that speculation on the why of the matter is inevitable, predestined.

Ted Cruz; Makin' deals

Ted Cruz; Makin’ deals

I’ve heard plenty of commenters say that Cruz (and in fact all of them) want Carly in the race because she can shovel shit in Hillary’s direction without looking as unchivalrous as they would.  This theory doesn’t explain why Ted Cruz is the only one giving her money.
I saw one commenter suggest that it was hush money, that Ted and Carly had had an affair, but ewwww.  Although I can certainly conceive of other reasons he might be coerced into giving her money.  I’m sure he’s not squeaky clean.

Still others have suggested that he wants Carly to take out Trump which, as an alternate business candidate, she could do.  It seems to me this is a risky strategy because  if she takes Trump down, she will be the front runner and she’s not likely, at that point, to step back and let Cruz take the baton, because there’s no reason why she should.
Maybe he made some kind of deal with her that whoever wins offers the other the vice-presidential nomination, or secretary of state.
Personally, I reckon Ted Cruz has been watching ‘Survivor’ and has figured out an alliance, knowing full well he  intends to screw her in the end.  I think that will backfire, too, because Cruz is an idiot.

But, we will see.


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