Bye Bye Boehner

Weepin’ John will soon be gone
He surely won’t be missed
they’ll replace him with somebody crazier still
so comedy will persist

Go cry at home, John.

Go cry at home, John.

We don’t know for sure who will replace Boehner (I’m hearing the name Kevin McCarthy a lot), but we know for sure it will be an absolutely insane, right-wing, paranoid, loony tune, cuckoo for Coco-Puffs dingbat (which I assume McCarthy is.

The reasons I am sure of this are: a) the Republicans (and John Boehner) have been quite upfront about it.  Boehner was hesitant to lead a government shutdown in order to try and force defunding of Planned Parenthood, because it’s not only a dick move, it’s a potentially suicidal move politically.  Most Americans love Planned Parenthood.  Most Americans don’t approve of government shutdowns.  And b) because that’s all whose left in the Republican party.  They have no moderate wing any more.  It’s all climate deniers and people who have God on speed dial.

But, I am optimistic.  I see this as a sign that the Republicans are in trouble (you don’t  fire the coach if you’re team is winning, you don’t write the lead actors out of the script if your show’s getting great ratings), and I don’t think the new guy is going to have a much easier time than Boehner.

At least, not from me they won’t.


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