The Pope and Kim Davis

I am a partisan.  I have political opinions (by American standards, most would consider me far left.  By European standards, I’m still fairly left) and I want my side to win, because  I think that’s what’s best for the world.

So, I try not to criticize other people on the left.  If they are people in the public eye, they get plenty of flak, most of it undeserved, from the right, so, even where criticism would be warranted, I usually refrain because it would look like piling on, and we need to stand together.  If they are just people on some facebook comment thread, it depends.  I want to stand with them against the trolls, but sometimes I’ll argue if they say something stupid.

However, the last two or three days, I’ve seen some really stupid comments from the left, and I’ve got to react.

It is not the end of the world that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis.  First, he met with a lot of people.  Second, Kim Davis is really not that important.  Third, isn’t it enough that he has made nice statements about helping the poor, and respecting other religions (and those with no religion), and recognizing climate change as a reality,,,and maybe not having so many wars all the time?  Is gay marriage really so important that you are ready to ignore all those issues?

Choose your battles, people.  And lighten up.


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