Born Again Trump

If you haven’t seen this latest little snippet of the reality show they are doing of the American presidential campaign,  you really must.  On the one hand, it’s hysterical.  On the other hand, everybody present was taking it dead seriously, and so will millions of people who see it online.

Donald Trump met with 40 evangelical leaders and they laid on hands and called down God’s blessing on his furry head.  (speaking  of furry, was that a weird trick of the light or has he started sporting a mustache?  I’m tending toward weird trick of the light, but not sure.)

The Jew for Jesus guy was particularly weird, with all of his Baruch Adonai-ing and stuff.  Does it still count as cultural appropriation if it’s done by someone who was originally from that culture but has sort of defected?  The way I see it, it counts double.

Also, I’m not buying this ‘caught on cell phone’ or ‘didn’t know the cameras were rolling’ nonsense.  He knew.  This was absolutely deliberate.  Do the math.  If each of those present has a following of only 1,000 (an extreamely conservative, small c conservative, estimate), then Trump just scored 40,000 new followers.  And what followers!  Those  who follow the words of these nutcase preachers with rapt devotion and a literal mindedness that  would  make a robot proud.

No, I don’t  think it was accidental at all.  He roped  in the racists with that one  single line about Mexical rapists, and now he’s working on the religious vote.  Huckabbe never got an endorsement like this.  Santorum never got an endoresemt like this.

Out of the three wings of the Republican  party, he’s got two of them, and he’s not worried about the money wing because he IS money.


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