October Alchemy

Just got back from October’s Alchemy Poetry Reading, and it was quite excellent, actually.  Good, big crowd, as big as I’ve seen at Alchemy in years.  Probably came to see the featured act, which was the Blood, Love and Rhetoric comedy troupe, but only a couple of them showed so they just did actor’s readings of some people’s poems, and they did it cold, but it was good enough to make me see that every poem benefits from a good reader.

There was a woman I’d never seen there before, Edie, and she was the star of the evening with a couple of breathless, erotic poems about making pasta and playing in the playground.

Somebody had a flyer lying on the table which said “Is there still such a thing as American poetry?’ or something vaguely like that, but it got me thinking – who really cares about that?  A far bigger issue is why do so few women write poetry, or is it that they write it and don’t want to perform it in public?

That’s an issue which needs to be addresed.


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