The Hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham and the Goldilocks Zone of Politics

Lindsey Graham, along with all of South  Carolina’s other representatives in Congress, is calling for federal aid to South Carolina because of the storms and floods they are having at the moment.

...and he thinks he should be president

…and he thinks he should be president

Three years ago, Graham voted against the same exact kind of aid going to New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Even for a Republican, it is a staggering bit of hypocrisy.

Now, do not get me wrong.  South Carolina’s been hit with some horrifically bad weather, there’s been serious damage, and they should receive emergency aid, as much as it takes, and as quick as it can get there.

Also, it’ s perfectly normal for Lindsey Graham to ask for it.  He is the Senator from that state.  It would be weird  if he didn’t.

No, the problem is not the way he is acting now. The problem is the way he acted then.  He hasn’t made the situation any better with his incredibly lame defense.  “I don’t remember voting against aid for New Jersey after Sandy.”  It was only 3 years ago, Lindsey.  It was a pretty big deal.  Made all the newspapers.  You voted against it.  That’s public record, and you can no more run away from that than Hillary Clinton can deny she voted for the Iraq war.

Emergency aid after a natural disaster is kind of an automatic vote, and should be.  It may be a wee bit of socialism, but that is what government is supposed to exist for – to help the people when they are down.

Republicans complain about big government, but that’s a false argument.  It’s not about bigger government or smaller government.  It’s about having a government that’s just the right size.  Big enough that it can rush disaster aid to a flood zone, not so big that it threatens the people.

Scientists call the zone around a star where liquid water could exist on the surface of planets the “Goldilocks Zone.”  Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

That’s the way I feel about government.


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