On Cars and Guns

I haven’t heard any updates on the 11 year old boy who killed the little girl next door (8) because she wouldn’t let him pet her puppy. I suppose the Oregon shooting, with its admittedly higher body count, is getting all the attention. Fair enough. But you have to wonder, not only how did an 11 year old get hold of a loaded rifle, but what made him think it would be a good idea to point it at somebody.

American Men

American Men

I’ve got a guess on that one. Maybe he liked her. Boys are weird like that. Boys who grow up without access to guns limit themselves to occasionally pushing a girl into a swimming pool or hitting her with a snowball. But this kid grew up in a home with guns. I don’t know his home life, so I’m just speculating, but I wonder if maybe he didn’t see his father sometimes point the gun at his mother. “No big deal,” his Dad might have said. “Just letting her know who’s boss.”
People like that do, unfortunately, exist. And reproduce.

Another thought on guns.  Of course, as after every mass shooting, the gun nuts are flooding the internet with memes about how we’re coming to take all  their guns and infringing on their God given right to be assholes, and I saw one today about “More people are killed by cars than guns, so why don’t we ban cars,” which is really a stupid argument when you think of how regulated cars are.  You have to be over 16 to drive one, you have to take a test to show you know how to drive one, you have to have insurance, etc….

But that’s not my point.  I actually agree that there is a similarity between guns and cars.  Although most owners of both use them responsibly, they are both used by many as masculinity enhancers.  That, in a crowded world, is dangerous.


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