McCarthy’s Motive

There may be more to Kevin McCarthy’s total failure to become Speaker of the House for some strange reason.  Innocent me, I figured maybe he was so humiliated by Rachel Maddow, who laughed at him for saying he’d been to Hungria that he lost all political will, or it could be the Republicans were made at him because he blabbed what the Ben Ghazi hearings are all about so he knew he wasn’t going to win, anyway.

Innocent me.  The rumor now is that he’s been shtooping Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, from North Carolina, who, of course, is a big family values Republican.  As sex scandals go, it’s rather mild.  They are both adults.  Of course, they are also both married and have children – he has two, she has one -but, you know, when you work together in close proximity under high pressure like that and you’re a long way from home, shit happens.

I hope it’s true.  Because it’s funny.


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