I Almost Got Away With It

I hate cop shows.  I wonder what perversion it is, which is inherently common to a vast majority of human beings currently alive, which makes us want to watch hideous violence and tragedy.

This guy just confessed

This guy just confessed

But, there’s always one that comes along, which pleases me for a while, and I can say “Yeah, it’s a cop show, but…”  For a while, I was into a couple of Australian cop shows, but they turned out to be just the same.  I was into Midsomer Murders for a while, thinking “British cops are so much smoother than American cops.  There’s not as much bluster and blood.”  But, in the end, Midsomer is a darned bloody place, and the murders are as bizarre and convoluted as anything on American T.V.

Now, I’m watching “I Almost Got Away With It” which is interesting because it’s true stories, although the narrator always talks in a breathy voice, the music is dramatic, and they interview the criminals.

But, the show has one fatal flaw.  (or maybe that’s the one thing that makes it great)  Due to it’s realism, it becomes very clear that the police never actually catch anybody unless they turn themselves in or somebody else turns them in or somebody screws up spectacularly.

In reality, crimimals are not all that smart.  But, neither are cops.


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