An unproductive day

None of the items in the news are of enough interest to dedicate a whole blog to.  The video of the crazy lady doing donuts at a busy intersection somewhere in the deep south (if the accent of the videographer is any indication), because she’d decided to ‘let Jesus do the driving’ was amusing, but it also shows the downside of news via social media.  Jerky, unfocused video and blindingly stupid commentary may be enough of a gimmick to interest people for a day or two, but it ain’t going any further than that.

The ongoing fight to NOT be speaker of the house is still amusing, but I think I’ll wait until they nominate somebody horrific (100% chance) and then write about that.

Today, I’ll just write about my day, my incredibly lazy, unproductive day.  It wasn’t totally unproductive, but the only things that got done weren’t done by me.  I smoked a joint in the morning, and I’ve been coasting since then.

I did start reading a new book, Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Color of Money.’  It is, of course, great.  Why hasn’t Discworld been made into a TV series yet?

I kind of had an idea for a poem and started writing it, but it’s not there yet.

Went to watch a football game of Sam’s. I do like the place he’s playing now.  They have stadium seating.  When he used to play at Stejskalove, parents stood in the parking lot and watched through a chain link fence.

The main thing for the day, the one thing that will improve my life and make my teaching job much easier, is that Helena downloaded, printed out, and laminated a whole bunch of flashcards for me, so I’ll be using them with my little kids.

I talk about something for a few weeks, and then she knocks it off in an hour or two.  That’s the way it works, u nas.


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