Salon’s Biased Reporting

I may be spending a bit too much time on this subject, beating a dead horse, banging my head against a brick wall, but when somebody says  something and you offer a rebuttal and they dismiss your rebuttal and compare you to a group of people you think are assholes (I probably shouldn’t say that – we will undoubtedly be political allies eventually – but damn, grow a thicker skin, people) then one feels it incumbent upon oneself to rebut their dismissal of your rebuttal of their arrogant and  unfounded original statement.

Salon magazine, along with  most of the mainstream media, immediately said Hillary  Clinton had won the debate.  I saw a bit of it, she did pretty well.  “Won” is not really a usable term, because there’s no way of directly keeping score.

They did totally ignore online polls (which are, admittedly, unscientific) and a focus group (slightly less unscientific) and the fact that Sanders numbers surged on Twitter (skewed to people who use twitter) and on Google (which indicates curiosity rather than support), so it should have come as no surprise to them that thousands of Sanders supporters were swamping the internet with “Nuh-uh, Bernie won.”

Salon should have just left it at that.  Instead, they wrote an article insinuating that Sanders supporters were similar to PUMA (Party Unity, My Ass), the small group of petty minded, embittered feminists who just could not stand it that she had lost to the upstart, Barack Obama.

We are nothing like that.    First of all, it is early stages of the game and our candidate is going to win.

I think it does indicate, though, that we are in for a nasty, bitter, rules and honesty be damned election campaign.  The powers that be can no longer get away with ignoring, or dismissing, Sanders.  That’s why they are starting to attack him (and      his supporters) with  such vehemence.

We are going to see money spent like it’s never been spent before, and it’s likely to get very uncivil.  We can try and slow that down, but we can’t stop it.  Neither side wants to lose.


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