This morning I was walking with Sam to his football game when I got an idea for a poem,  it was a damp morning, it’s been raining off and on for a couple of days, and I noticed how the leaves on the sidewalk seemed to be glued to the ground, and I remember the line “The leaves up there were golden yellow, now they’re dead and brown, something something something as they’re lying on the ground” but I didn’t write it down.  I’ll sleep on it.  Maybe it will be there tomorrow.

(the basic idea is that autumn is the season of things rotting and  dying, but in a nice way)

I didn’t write it down because I didn’t take a notebook (old meaning of the word) with me.  I did, however, have my Kindle, so pre-game, half-time and post-game, I read from “The Color of Magic.”  I’m almost finished with it.  I haven’t read too many  Disc World books, but I liked “Mort” better.   Also, that one with the policeman who travels back in time.  I forget the name.  But, it’s entertaining and clever and I’m enjoying it.

They lost the game, 0-1.  I didn’t feel too bad about it.  They were only spared a much worse defeat because of some great work by the goalman, a few shots going a bit over the net, and one goal being called back.  It could have been 0-6, easy.
Writing that poem and finishing that book were not the only things I didn’t get done today.  I didn’t do the proofreading that I’ve promised to finish this weekend.

So, tomorrow’s going to be a busy  day.


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