Trudeau Wins Big, Webb Bites the Dust

Well, well, a couple of good news items today.  Jim Webb has dropped out of the race.  That’s not so much good news as it is an inevitable development, but it’s still welcome.  It reduces the Democratic choice to Hillary Clinton and the 3 guys who are to the left of Hillary Clinton, which is good, because Hillary Clinton is about as far to the right as someone should be allowed to be and still consider themselves a Democrat.

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

Webb says he’s keeping his options open and may launch a 3rd party bid.  I don’t see it happening.  People far more charismatic than Jim Webb have tried 3rd party bids and fell flat on their face.  Even Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t pull it off, and he was a reasonably popular ex-President.

The other great thing, of course, and this is the much bigger thing, is the Liberal Party’s big win in Canada, meaning Stephen Harper is out  and Justin Trudeau is in.  So, it isn’t just the U.S. that has political dynasties.

Whenever Conservatives lose, anywhere in the world, it is a victory for mankind.  Conservatives, if you take them at their word (usually a mistake) and the literal definition of the word, want to conserve, mostly to conserve the status quo.  They are, by definition, against progress.  If you regard their actions, they are hell-bent on destroying the environment, starting wars, and stealing all the money in the world, like evil supervillains or some such shit.

So, congratulations, Canada!  You did good.


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