Netanyahu Goes Nuts

If  Benjamin Netanyahu was an American, he would be a Teabagger.  His statement that the Holocaust wasn’t really Hitler’s idea, the Arabs talked him into it, is so incredibly nuts it’s unbelievable.

According to Bibi, the guy on the left was calling the shots.

According to Bibi, the guy on the left was calling the shots.

I’m not  sure if it’s a violation of Godwin’s Law, a reverse Godwin, or what, exactly.  It is certainly revisionist history, clearly incorrect (the Arab leader Netanyahu says gave Hitler the idea met with Hitler in November of 1941 – the Holocaust was already in full swing), and totally unnecessary.

It is possible that I don’t understand the Israeli people (I lived there for almost 7 years but, to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever understood the Israeli people), but I can’t imagine this is going to be a popular position there.  The Holocaust is the most pivotal event of modern Jewish history (more so than the founding of Israel, even, because the founding of Israel might not have happened without it.  A handful of Kibbutzim in British Palestine is not a state.) and there are plenty of people in Israel who take history very seriously.

But, we will have to wait  and see.  As I said, I do not understand the social dynamics of that country, and can’t understand how he ever got to be Prime Minister in the first place.

In American politics, it looks like Paul Ryan might not get to be Speaker of the House after all.  The Teabagger caucus doesn’t think he’s right-wing enough.  Seriously.

And Joe Biden has officially announced he is not running for President.  There was a time when just not announcing that you were running was enough to not run, but that standard is not high enough  any more.

The thing about it that pissed me off was that, in the article I read about it, they were talking about how this would affect Hillary’s chances.  They never mentioned Sanders once.  This election is not just between Sanders and Hillary, or between Sanders and whatever buffoon eventually gets the Republican nomination, after all of the others, one by one, have said something even more egregiously ridiculous than even Netanyahu, but between old media (newspapers, magazines, TV) and new media (facebook, twitter, etc…)  I predict a win for new media, thus for Sanders.

The part of Biden’s announcement that amused me (I like old Joe, I really do) was when he said “I may not be a candidate, but I will not be silent.”  We never expected you would be, Joe.

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