A Day of Two Days

I had a pleasant day this morning, which descended into chaos in the afternoon, but it’s all good.  Helena and the kids took off this morning for an event at Palladium, and let me sleep late.  I had a good morning on the computer, writing several very clever, short poems which I was very pleased with, and posted them here and there, mostly just as comments on other people’s posts, that’s kind of what I do, I react – does that make me a reactionary?  Anyway, they almost all got completely ignored, but I enjoyed writing them.

Then, I went for a walk in the park, smoked a joint, watched people using the park in their different ways, walked into the center and bought a new pair of glasses, which I needed.  I had two pairs.  One is missing one of the arms, and the other is O.K. for reading if I hold the book close to my face but makes me dizzy  to use while walking around.  These new ones are a bit better, super light weight, and only cost 99 crowns.

Then I came home and had a bit of free time on the computer until people started to show up.  My wife’s cousin Waldek.  Then her sister, dropping off two of her kids.  (everybody was in town for Helena’s event at Palladium.)  Then, my mother in law, with  Lenka’s 3rd kid.

Now, I had to play games and got totally kicked off my computer and everybody was speaking in Czech which, no matter how well_intentioned or pleasant the topic, sounds like a bunch of yappy chihuahuas.  I love living here, and I do make the effort to speak it when I need to, but the language is an out and out assault on the human ear.

Now,  I’ve finally got the computer back, but I’m in a darkened room filled with people who want to be sleeping and are disturbed by the sound of the keyboard, so I’m done for tonight.  Dobrou noc.


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