The GOP Choice

There is something obstinate and perverse about human nature – well, certainly about mine at any rate.  You can usually spot when somebody expects nothing but agreement in the comments to their post.  For one thing, it’s usually a vague, lalala premise.  For another, most of the existing comments are like ‘Absolutely,’ ‘you hit the nail on the head,’ ‘I couldn’t agree more.’  Yet for some reason I am tempted to point out the logical flaw in their stupid argument, even though I know this is not going to make me new friends or convince anybody.

Such a thread came up today.  ‘I believe there is good and evil in  both parties.’  I couldn’t help but point out ‘No, there is no good in the Republican party.  They are all bad.’

Which is true.  Trump has goons beating up non-Trump fans at his rallies, Ben Carson is a babbling lunatic who thinks abortion is like slavery and that he can outlaw liberal speech, Carly Fiorina seems to be keeping a low profile which may actually be a smart move because everything she can actually point to as experience has been an incredible disaster but if she can keep out of sight until all of the boys have killed each other, she’ll be it.
Jeb Bush is a Bush, and is horrible, but actually doesn’t seem to want the job much and is probably dead in the water.  Huckabee, Cruz and Santorum are crazy for Jesus, but the  broader electorate, if they actually have to face a Democrat in a debate, will realize that they’re just plain crazy.

Chris Christie?  If he were a top tier candidate, his gaffes would be headline news.  Today, he was kicked out of the quiet car of the train for talking too loud on his cellphone.  Jerk.
Rand Paul?  Do you remember the scene in ‘Brother, Where Art Thou’ when George Clooney revealed that he was in prison for impersonating a dentist?  Do you remember how loud you laughed  when you heard that charge?  Good.  Now think of Rand Paul.

That leaves them with John Kasich (who says government shouldn’t do anything about global warming, nope, not government’s problem) and Marco (doesn’t know how to drink water) Rubio.

There is nothing but fools, demagogues, opportunists, and crooks on the Republican side.  Whoever is their nominee, it’s a slam dunk sure bet they will be a horrible, horrible person.  That’s all they’ve got.


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