Retrograde Season Creep

One thing that’s even more obnoxious in the Czech Republic than  the U.S. is the retrograde creep of the Christmas season.  There is no Thanksgiving to act as a buffer, and even Hallowe’en is an American import, although it is swiftly gaining in popularity.  I saw the first Christmas decorations for sale about a week ago.halloween

However, it’s Hallowe’en I want to talk about.  I don’t care for Christmas much, it’s all commercial and about obligatory giving and the whole thing goes on too long.  I love Hallowe’en, not just for the candy, although that, too, and not just for the jack o’ lanterns, although I think it’s amazing how pumpkin carving has developed into an art form in recent years, but for the costumes.
When you put on a costume, you become a different person, you can behave differently.  It’s tremendously liberating.

But Hallowe’en, too, has begun a retrograde creep.  For at least two weeks now, my facebook feed has been full of people in costumes and people carving pumpkins (that part I really don’t get.  Pumpkins are to be carved and displayed a day or two before Hallowe’en, at most.  Once those things start to rot, they start to rot, and it doesn’t take long.)

Part of it is the influence of facebook.  Throwback Thursday now lasts all week, and everybody has favorite photos of Hallowe’ens past.  It’s the most photogenic holiday of them all, because of the costumes.

Maybe people should wait a little longer – I’ve been seeing Hallowe’en pix since September.  But, the sincere fakery of Hallowe’en is so much better than the fake sincerity of Christmas, that I don’t mind too much.


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