Tarot Your Boat

I’m cheating here, writing Thursday’s blog Friday morning, it’s 6:30 a.m., and I’m not going to bother backdating, it just is what it is, and will be what it is.  Last night had a wonderful gig, reading Tarot Cards at an office party.narodni divadlo

The food wasn’t bad, they had a singer who’d been on X Factor and all the girls went crazy over him and everybody got up to dance, drinks were flowing which would have thrilled me to death if I still drank alcohol but still, it made for a convivial atmosphere, but the coolest thing is it was on a boat.

Through dinner, we were tied up at the dock and so I thought maybe that was the way the evening would be, and had started doing my readings when I realized the scenery was passing by, all the beautifully lit, old buildings on the bank and it was a very cool sensation, like  yeah, this is elegance.  I’ve been in Prague 17 years and my experience with boats on the river has been renting rowboats a few times, occasionally taking a ferry over to Children’s Island (which I’m not sure is even Children’s Island any more) and once, taking a boat to the zoo.

The glass roof retracted, and all the balloons which were stuck to it floated up in the air and everybody said “Aaaah”

The readings proceeded in classic pattern.  Once one girl had come, others followed and from start to finish was a steady stream.  A few people were just going through the motions, but some were very enthusiastic, asked a lot of questions, and a couple of them kept coming back.

I gave a lot of relationship advice to cute, young ladies.

Didn’t make a lot of money, but when you count in the dinner and the boat trip, it was plenty.

I want to find a way to do this professionally, regularly.  It’s definitely easier than teaching, or writing.


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