Those Weren’t Gotcha Questions

Tomorrow morning off to the cottage and we’ll do Hallowe’en there, my part is scripted and my costume chosen (I get to be death, with the scream mask and a long, black cloak and a plastic scythe, and stand up the road a couple of hundred meters at the end of a series of people in costumes and give out candy.)  After that, we’ll go back to the local community center and have pumpkin pie and stuff like that.

The Republicans are being a little bit nuts and over the top, even for Republicans, I think, with their complaints about NBC and the moderators of the debate.  They’ve actually gone beyond just a little bit of whining and bitching, which is a legitimate way of avoiding answering any questions, and severed relationships with the network (well, at any rate not going to let them host their next debate).

They say the moderators asked them ‘gotcha’ questions.  They could get away with that for a day, because their supporters will buy it and everybody else will just see it as politics as usual, but if they’re going to stretch it out, sooner or later people are going to wonder “Just what was the gotcha question?”

Was it when they asked Carly Fiorina how she figured if she was such a crappy CEO at HP, how did she figure she could be president?  Was it when they asked Ben Carson about the sleazy snake oil company he was a spokesperson for?

Because those strike me as totally legitimate questions.


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