Tarot, or not Tarot

it is a phenomenon I have sometimes noticed in my history of reading Tarot cards, (I don’t consider the use of the word history lightly.  I have been reading the cards now for 18 years (Hallowe’en, 1997), and have made thousands of readings. I have done it in pubs, in homes, in offices, at parties, in the context of English lessons, in an art gallery and along Venice Beach, but that wasn’t very successful.

There are people who keep coming back. (They are only cards, people.  They can be an aid to therapy, although  I am not trained as a therapist.  But they don’t know you personally, and they can’t predict the future with any pinpoint accuracy.)

The reader can see that to them, it’s serious stuff and there are questions they really want the answers to.  They don’t just accept the first reading  you give them, even though it was great – they are destined for money and everybody loves them, for instance, but they keep digging, asking more and more specific questions.

There’s a problem with this.  The cards, being only cards, are subject to laws of statistical probability.  That is, if you keep asking questions, sooner or later the darkest version of the answer is going to come up.  The longer you look, the darker it gets.

I was thinking about this in the car on the way home today.  We’d had a nice weekend and stopped at Hruba Skala on the way home, the leaves were falling from the trees and down into the center of that little canyon, like golden rain.  The phrase that got stuck in my mind was ‘The Deeper You Look, the Darker it Gets’ and I think that would make a great line for a poem because life is like that.

and I don’t think the use of the word history is presumptuons


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