Stump the Teacher

I enjoy my Tuesday classes very much.  It’s 4 classes back to back, so it’s enough hours to make it worth the trip, financially, it’s at a Gymnasium so the kids, for the most part, are fairly bright kids, and the school basically stays off my back and leaves the teaching to me, so it’s low pressure.

Today, with 3 of the 4 classes, I played a game I quite enjoy called “Stump the Teacher.”  Basically, it’s practice for the students in asking Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions.  If they can ask me a question I don’t know the answer to, they get a point, if I know the answer, I get a point.

The first class didn’t really get into the swing of it until about halfway through and they were giving me easy questions like “Who wrote The Raven?” and “What’s the capital of Ukraine?”, so I actually wound up winning, which is not the idea.

The next class got more aggressive, and I learned a few interesting things. Today, I learned that there is a 13th zodiac sign called Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer, who reigns over people born between November 29th and Dec. 17th, which is most of Sagittarius.  I guess in the alternate system all signs would be shortened.

I’m glad Ophiuchus never caught on.  12 is a nice number, and it corresponds to the number of months, so everything is in order.

I also learned that Dante was born in 1265 (earlier than I’d thought) and that Tchaikovsky was homosexual.

In the last class, the jokers in the corner ascertained very quickly that I don’t know shit about computer games and they just hit me with question after question about League of Legends, every  time their turn came around, and they laughed and laughed about how much I didn’t know.

It was a fun class, and the old saying is very true:  You learn something new every day.


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