Music, Politics and Ancient Aliens

First, on the Adele/Tom Waits controversy.  I listened to both songs (Adele’s ‘Hello’ and Tom Waits’ ‘Martha.’  They are similar, but I think the term ‘rip-off’ is a bit harsh.  With Waits, it’s very downbeat and  monotone, the way he is.  Adele starts soft and rises, the way she does.  I like them both, and apparently Adele is a big fan of Tom Waits as well.  (I’m no music expert, just a guy with two ears and an opinion.)

Erich Von  Daniken

Erich Von Daniken

Secondly, apparently, they had some elections in the U.S. the other day.  Off-off-year stuff, so in a lot of places it was elections for school board and special referendums and stuff, so a lot of people stayed home, which is a big mistake.  Because the assholes always come out to vote.  Kentucky got a new, crazy, right wing governor and Houston, Texas got a brand new law about who could go into which toilets which has gay rights people furious, and justifiably so.  Also, Ohio voted down legal marijuana, but apparently it was a badly written law and even some pro-pot people were arguing against it.

It’s a bummer, and liberals need to stop being weenies and start voting, but I don’t think it’s the end times, like a lot of people on my facebook feed do.  If the Kentucky governor tries to block Obamacare (and he will), he will run afoul of the federal government, and he will lose.  No doubt, he will find other ways to fuck up the state, but it wasn’t exactly a liberal utopia to start with.  Houston’s law, as well, may eventually be ruled unconstitutional, and liberals did win a few small battles here and there.  Also, the little setback in Ohio pales in comparison to the fact that the Mexican Supreme Court just declared all laws against marijuana to be illegal.  Mexico.  That’s huge.

I was just watching a historical retrospective about Erich von Daniken and his ancient astronauts theory.  Yes, the man is a total flake, and has no idea about science.  But I sort of feel the same way I do about Alex Jones and 9/11.  Just because he’s nuts doesn’t mean he’s not right.

Here’s why:  Since there are like a gazillion stars out there, it’s statistically inevitable that some of them have life.  Since life evolves, some of them must have intelligent life.  Since many of them are much older than Earth, many intelligent aliens are technologically ahead of us by thousands of years.  A thousand years ago, human beings did not have flush toilets, or movable type.  A thousand years from now, I am sure we will be traveling to other stars.  The Earth is 4, maybe 5 billion years old.  There were probably aliens who visited before we had life, and again when we had dinosaurs, and again when we were building pyramids, and again and again.

They probably know more about our history than we do.



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