My Own Private NaWriMo

I have never taken part in the NaNoWriMo festivities although I probably should, a lot of my facebook friends do and post things like “Up to 20,000 words today!,’ but they never actually show you an excerpt so you don’t know if those 20,000 words are the next “Old Man and the Sea” or “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”  written over and over and over again so when your wife walks into the room and catches a glimpse of it she’ll know right away that you have lost your marbles.
I salute the people who do, it’s a hard thing to get sat down in front of a keyboard and pump the words out onto the page.  I would like to write a novel.  Well, another novel.  It’s not laziness.  I’m not a lazy person.  It’s not actually a writer’s block, because I do write poetry, and I have a couple of platforms where I’m writing stuff every day.  There is this blog, which averages 250-500 words a night.  There is my ‘Poems About Paintings’ page which, I confess, I only add to occasionally and sometimes it’s a week or two between poems but, when I post something there, it’s generally something I like a lot.  There is one rhyming tweet per day, to plug this blog.  There are all my comments on facebook.  I try to avoid just LOL and WTF and actually put some thought into what I’m saying, but very often it just amounts to WTF or LOL.  There is a group called ‘Occasional Poems’ where I occasionally post a poem.  And that’s it.  I guess my desire NOT to write a novel just outweighs my desire to write a novel, and maybe I need to get that turned around, because nobody’s reading my poetry, that’s for damned sure.


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