The Escalation of Crazy

Escalation continues apace, in the Great Republican Crazy Race.

Donald Trump, during a deranged and obnoxious speech in Fort Dodge, Iowa,

called Marco Rubio a weak, little baby, Ohio Governor John Kasich a pathetic little man, plugged his book for a few minutes, totally mocked Carson’s version of himself as a bad boy with a knife, railed on George Pataki for being a lousy governor, mocked at Lindsay Graham for having some knowledge of the military, said he loved war -yes, he really did say that, and there was also a point where he admitted that what was good for the country was bad for the Republicans.and bragged a lot about what a great negotiator he is.

A bit later, in a n interview, he basically called Dr. Ben Carson a child molester.  There’s no evidence that it’s true and he phrased it in his usual choppy, partial sentence method of speech he has which might give him some legitimacy in a court of law, but the implication was clear.  My Oppenent….child molester.

There’s a story of Lyndon Johnson, who was. at the time, involved in a very tight race for something down it Texas and he suggested they start a rumor about his opponent having sex with animals.  One of his aides objected “We just can’t call the man a pig fucker!.”, to which Lyndon replied “I know.  I just want to hear the son of a bitch deny it.”


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