Skirmish in the Comments Section

The debate had about the same results as the first one.  Sanders fans say Sanders won, Hillary’s fans say Hillary  won.  Everybody says O’Malley did O.K., because nobody’s worried about Martin O’Malley.

O’Malley’s in an interesting position.  He could be either one’s VP choice.  Maybe that’s his plan.  I doubt he’s actually got the leverage, though.

While browsing through my mail, I was alerted to a comment in response to a facebook comment, which read something along the lines of:  “You, Willie Watson, are an ignorant pig.  You have insulted a lady and tried to stifle her freedom of speech.  You’re illiterate and didn’t read the article.”

I had to admit, that last was possible.  I very often respond to a headline, even to another comment, without reading all the links.  So little time.

But the other stuff mystified me.  I insulted a woman?  Certainly not deliberately.  I might make wisecracks about other people’s political opinions, but I’m not a mean type of person.  I stifled somebody’s free speech.  Definitely not.

So, I clicked on ‘see this comment on facebook’ and I got “Nope.  No can do.  You ain’t seeing that article.”  Mystified, I went to my personal page and looked through all my comments.  I figured I’d said something nasty about Hillary and some feminist had taken offense.  I’m not saying no feminists have a sense of humor, that would be stereotyping, but there are a hell of a lot of humorless feminists.

I didn’t see anything.  Then I realized what was missing.  It was a meme (what article she thought I hadn’t read, I don’t know), just a meme.  On a gray background was written “Paris 11/13, New York 9/11, Israel 24/7”

I had written “Shut up.  You do not have terrorist attacks of that level every day.  Get over yourselves.”  So, I can sort of see where she got the stifling free speech bit.  But, I don’t agree.  Where I’m from, ‘Shut up’ spoken in a certain tone of voice, is more like “Get outta here,” “Come on,” “Get serious.”  It’s a bit derisive, but I don’t actually expect anybody to shut up.

I can understand how she construed it, but I stand by the original statement.  Not everything’s about Israel.


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