How Do We React to This?

I didn’t write in my blog last night, so today I’m going to write two, I was just tired and stoned and falling asleep in my chair and not likely to produce words of wisdom and insight, so that was that.

There is really only one subject now (I may talk of the Democratic Debate in my next blog) and that is Paris.  There is little we can do but mourn.  But, many point out, we should also be mourning the 44 dead in Beirut, and some bombing in Baghdad, and one in Kenya, but I’m short on details on those and that, of course, proves the point of those who are pointing that out.

Still, it seems to me the same mentality that drove people  to say “All lives matter.”  ‘Sure, you’re upset over armed men attacking innocent civilians in restaurants, at football games and rock concerts,’ they say, ‘but what about a bit of grief for the innocent dead, the babies, the old men, in less privileged corners of the world,’ and I am forced to agree that they’ve got a point.

But, today, I am sad about Paris, and what are we to do?  Change my profile picture, don’t change my profile picture, that makes no difference at all.  Well, it made me feel a bit better and pays respect, which is something, but little enough.

I wrote a poem about it, because that’s what I do:

A night of terror and despair
dans la ville lumiere
we feel frustration; we don’t know
how to make this not be so
tears will be shed, words will be said
the dead, the dead, so many dead
but in the morning comes the dawn
and life will slowly carry on
Though many feel the urge to kill
the will to live is greater still

…and I guess that’s how I feel about it.  We just have to keep on with our lives, and remember that for every crazed terrorist who wants to kill people, there are millions and millions of people who just want to live.  Life will prevail.


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