Money Will Save the Bees

beesI saw a couple different articles today about bees, fascinating little creatures that they are, so bees is the blog topic for tonight.
Just now I saw an article saying archaeologists have found evidence of beekeeping as early as 9,000 years ago, which I guess is earlier than originally thought.
I’m not surprised.
From about 4 or 5,000 B.C. back to about a million B.C., it’s all the same as far as I know. If you talk about any pre-industrial invention – the domestication of dogs, the first canoes, the wheel, stringed instruments, etc…- you could place it anywhere on that line and I wouldn’t know the difference.
Actually, I’m a bit surprised it’s so recent, because bees make honey in the wild, we could observes apes, and bears, eating it, and it tastes so good.
But, the article made me think of what we’re doing to the honeybees. It would be a damned shame to throw away a relationship we’ve been in since 7,000 B.C.
The article I saw this morning talked about African farmers who are hanging beehives on their fences because elephants like getting stung by bees as little as anybody. So, the hives saves their crops which also saves the elephants from getting shot, and everyone is better off.
There is also the recent invention of the hive which gives honey on tap, which I think is absolutely brilliant. I hope they become popular, because if the company sells a million hives, that means a million defenses against honeybees going extinct.
I’m not particularly bothered that they will be saved by the profit motive. Whatever it takes.


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