Republicans Doing and Saying Stupid Things, Because it’s a Day Ending in y

So, what Obama said was something along the lines of “They were afraid of moderators asking them tough questions and now they are afraid of some 3 year old orphans.  What a bunch of fuckingvermont weenies.”  (nb. he didn’t actually say ‘bunch of fucking weenies, although the implication was clear)

Ted Cruz responded by saying “Oh, yeah.  Come here and say that to my face” as if we were all in the 3rd grade, and as if he and his fellow baggers haven’t been saying far worse for ages.

This is the 21st century, Ted.  We can insult you on facebook, and twitter, and in blogs, and all sorts of ways.  If you’re a candidate for president, you’re going to have to learn to deal with it.


What the hell does Ben Carson have to do before people realize he is a full blown moron, the intellectual equivalent of Sarah Palin, and by that I mean not just not bright, but aggressively, creatively stupid.

The latest was a map his campaign put out showing in which states governors are saying they will refuse Syrian refugees (which is just hollow, hate mongering rhetoric because they can’t, legally, do any such thing and they all know it.  Well, maybe not Paul LePage, he’s really dumb, but most of them know it.)  Anyway, on the map he had Vermont orientated East-West instead of North-South, and that screwed up the location of a few other New England states as well.

This wasn’t just a Fox News style fuckup, that time they had Iraq labeled as Egypt (or was it the other way around?) or the numerous times they have labeled an R a D, particularly when there was a scandal involved.  To make this mistake they had to look at an actual map of the U.S. and then redraw it, incorrectly.  Some work went into it. (my theory: Carson said to his graphic design team “Do something to make Vermont look further to the left,” and they took him literally.)

Sociologists, psychologists and political scientists will be studying the phenomenon of the Ben Carson campaign for years, maybe centuries to come.  Might as well get started now.


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