I enjoy my Monday morning classes.  Two guys in one office.  The first one is a talker.  His English is pretty good, although not nearly as good as he thinks it is, but it’s an easy lesson because once he gets going I just have to nod a lot and occasionally help him out when he can’t find a word.  The second student is nearly a complete beginner, but cheerful and easy to talk to.  He’s learned the verb ‘is’ and uses it for everything, e.g. ‘I is like cheese,’ or ‘I is work weekend.’

There is just one problem, which wasn’t a problem at all until this morning.  I got there at 8, maybe a few minutes before, and almost simultaneously got a text from student #1 that he would be 15 minutes late.  That’s the same as always.  Not a real problem.  In weeks past, I’ve usually had a book to read.  This morning I had a sudoku puzzle to finish.

And then, pretty much at that exact moment, it started to snow.  A few wispy, little flakes, nothing that would even stick to the ground.  It was the first snow of the season, and rather beautiful, in a way.

Still, I didn’t feel like standing around in it for 15 minutes.  The entrance to the  parking garage provides a bit of shelter from the wind, but still isn’t an ideal place to wait.

And, sooner or later, this is going to happen when a raging blizzard is going on.  I need to scout that neighborhood and find someplace that has coffee and is open at 8 a.m.


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