In the never ending battle
for the human race’s soul
they have the Koran, we have
Sex, and drugs and rock’ n’ roll


You Can’t Do That in a Burqa

If we, in the West, were really confident in our cultural superiority (and we should be), we would take in all of the refugees, on the assumption that within a couple of years outside the literal and metaphorical desert of the Arab world, they’d start to come around.

Of course, some are religious, and stuck in their old ways, and don’t want to learn the new language or adopt the new ways.  They are going to move into the neighborhood that has the greatest number of their compatriots, and that’s a vicious cycle.

How long does it take to break that cycle?  One generation.  Kids want to be a part of the culture of the country they’re living in, and they will shed their old ways.

It’s an optimistic view, I know.  And, Islam provides some unique obstacles.  Women, for instance, are basically prisoners.  They cannot go to a beach in the summer and wear a bikini, they can’t even shake hands with a man, which makes intermarriage really difficult to achieve, and intermarriage is the way to group assimilation.

Nonetheless, modern, secular, international culture will prevail.  We’ve got the best music, all the cool movies and TV shows, we can eat anything we damned please, and a person can have wild sex with a wide variety of partners before marriage and nobody thinks anything of it.

I can’t understand anybody not being attracted to that.


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