Surely, THIS Time He’s Gone Too Far

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy with the ‘Mexican rapists’ speech I thought “Well, that’s that.  He’s done before he’s even begun.”  To  my surprise, he wasn’t.  That line resonated with a large enough segment of the Republican parthy that it actually launched him into front-runner status.

At the first debate, when he had his little dispute with Megyn Kelly, I thought “OMG.  Racist and sexist both.  That won’t play well.” But it did.

When he made the remark about Megyn probably being on her period, and started whining about how all the moderators were picking on him, I thought “Surely he’s finished now.  Some guys might think that’s funny if you’re out in a bar drinking and there are no women around, but it’s not what people want in a national leader.”  Wrong again.

Encouraging his supporters to beat people up and excusing them when they piss on the homeless (literally literally), suggesting things which are clearly unconstitutional (No, Donald, the president has no authority to close a mosque) and strongly reminiscent of Nazi Germany (the identity  badges and the Muslim database)  offended those of us on the left, and most people with any shred of a conscious, or even a memory, but they didn’t put a dent in his base.  Not at all.

So, I wasn’t  surprised that pictures of his son next to a dead tiger didn’t seem to affect his popularity.  The kind of people who  like Trump aren’t at all bothered by killing animals for sport.

BUT.  Making fun of a handicapped person is a step too far.  His supporters, while they may be horrible racists, and sexists (well, the men anyway.  The women are just morons.) and killers of animals, can’t possibly approve of making fun of a handicapped person.  That’s kicking a person when they’re down.  It’s unsportsmanlike.

If it turns out (and nothing would surprise me) that this is not the last straw, that his support remains solid, his base firm, then we need to start looking beyond Trump.  Not far beyond.

Just at the people in the crowd, cheering him on.  Because anybody who can still attend a Trump rally after that should be shunned by decent society.  Seriously.

This is not just ‘a difference of opinion.’  If you still support Trump, you are a bad person.


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