A Good Day

Today was Black Friday in America, and since everybody’s talking about the things they are grateful for, I am grateful that I am thousands of miles away from that shit.

The mall where Helena works had a Black Friday sale and that made me laugh.  Czechs often try to emulate American culture, but they pick absolutely the worst parts – cars, fast food, NCIS….

But, there weren’t any fistfights, or people ripping stuff of the shelves.  They gave out candy, had a few specials, and people had a lovely time.

I had a very nice day.  There was a bit of confusion this morning over which one of us was to take Isabel to school because I was working on a proofreading, but about 7 a.m. I told H she had to start getting ready and she said “No, you’re taking her,” so that was that.

I had 3 lessons today and they all went well.  My first student I always meet at a coffee shop.  She’s one of the first people I met when I came to Prague and we’re still friends so she’s not actually a paid student, but she buys me breakfast.

Then, I thought I had plenty of time so came home, let Fifi out of her cage, put my phone on the charger, looked at the time and….whoa, damn, time to get moving.  Gave Fifi a bit of food and she went right back in.  Rabbits like security, a cage does not bother them.

On the way, read some in a book a friend of mine wrote.  It’s got some flaws, but it’s impressive.  He  wrote a book.  A novel.  It’s fairly entertaining and interesting, and filled with science facts, as good science fiction stories should be.

Then it was two kids’ classes, which is a great way to wrap up the week.  The first class went very smoothly, just the three girls were there and one, who I was worried about because I really thought she should be reading by this age, actually was reading a little bit, which was incredibly progress.

In the second class, (the little kids, they’re like 4) the boys just decided to go crazy and be extremely unco-operative, alternately rolling around on the floor and all grabbing my legs and trying to tackle me.  I thought this was going to totally freak out the little girl who is very shy and sometimes just bursts into tears, but she was actually calm in the middle of the noise and even answered a few questions…in a barely audible whisper, but she answered.

When I count up the score for the day, I am way ahead.


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