Movie Day

Didn’t get much done today,

but that’s O.K.,

it’s a Saturday

just hung out with the wife and kids

and I am kind of glad I didtomorrowland

Helena had to stop at a shop in Žižkov, so she suggested we walk there and then go for lunch to make a family outing of it and everybody was cool with that  except I suggested we go there by conventional means and walk back because, you know, that’s downhill.  Everybody had an opinion and we compromised by walking halfway and then taking a tram and on the way home it was raining, or snowing, kind of in-between, like a nasty melting rain, so we got on the Metro.

When we got home, we started a 1,000 piece puzzle, it might be finished tomorrow, and watched 3  films.  Well, we were all in the same room but I doubt if any of us  actually watched more than two of them.

It reinforced my opinion that the real reason people are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to watch a film in the cinema is that in the cinema everybody shuts up and watches the film.  If everybody would behave at home in the same civilized manner they behave in public, one could expand one’s film viewing experience for a fraction of the price.

We saw Monster U., which I insisted on watching in English, over the kids’ objections, because I’d never seen it before.  Cute movie.  Every college movie stereotype in the world – the stuck up frat, the nerd frat, the non-stop popularity contests, the hijinx, the expulsion, the last chance, the big contest – but with monsters.

Then we watched Monsters, Inc., but I let them watch that one in Czech, we’ve already seen it so I didn’t care so much.  I’ve just started book 3 in the Fire and Ice series, and we’d started the puzzle, so I was occupied.

Then we watched Tomorrowland, which was my suggestion.  I’d heard it was good, even though Rotten Tomatoes only had it at 52%.

It surpassed my expectations.  I don’t know what the critics were looking for.  This was the best sci-fi movie I’ve seen since Men in Black.  It had robots and rockets and alternate dimensions and jet packs and Hugh Laurie playing a villain and Keegan Peele playing a rasta villain robot, and even a bit of steam punk with the Jules Verne rocket hidden in the Eiffel Tower, the slickest piece of product placement I’ve ever seen (“Oh my God, we almost died,” said the heroine.  “There’s a coke in the fridge,” said George Clooney.  The cute, little robot girl opened it for her in classic fashion, using the counter top, and she chugged it.  They then proceeded to save the world.) and, in classic Disney fashion, an uplifting, feel good message at the end.

I totally recommend this film.


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