Another Mass Shooting in America

News reports are still sketchy and contradictory.  I heard that the shootings took place at a Target, at a Golf Course, and at a center for disabled people.  I heard 12 dead, and I heard 20 dead.  I heard the gunmen were of Middle Eastern descent, but I saw right away that was an extreme right wing site. (Doesn’t rule  out the possibility, but there’s no reason to rule it in at this point, either)

Here’s what seems to me to be the best information so far (reports by mainstream news sources, quoting police spokespeople).  Three gunmen, wearing masks, came into the conference room at a center for the disabled where an awards ceremony for county employees was taking place, and started shooting.  They had rifles.  I’ve no idea what kind.  14 people are dead.  Maybe more.  The gunmen got away, allegedly in a black SUV, which is probably the most common kind of vehicle there is in San Bernardino.

From here on out, it’s my guesswork.  This is not your typical crazy person shooting.  They  knew where they were going, and there was somebody in that conference room they wanted dead, and they wanted him or her dead bad enough they were willing to kill a whole bunch of random people to do it.

I hope I’m wrong about this, but the police may never catch these guys.  A black SUV is not a very precise definition so if nobody got a license plate number, that clue has already gone cold.  Since they were wearing masks, nobody got a look at their faces.  Ballistics tests won’t help much, since the guns weren’t left at the scene, and lots of people in that area own rifles.  Even figuring out their motive might be difficult.

There are a couple of cop shows I watch sometimes.  One is called “I Almost Got Away With It” and the other “Cuff Me If You Can.”  Their format is almost identical.  Dramatic re-enactments mixed in with interviews of police, friends and families of the accused, victims and their friends and families, anybody associated with the case.  I like these shows because they are documentaries, realistic.

They almost always end the same way.  “It seemed the trail had gone cold, when the police got a lucky break” they intone dramatically.  What happened is that somebody turned them in.

Maybe the police will catch a lucky break this time.  I hope so.


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