Is Glenn Beck Right???

Glenn Beck is a despicable human being and a poor pundit.  He is almost always wrong  about everything.  He proceeds with an absolute disregard for logic and  bases his opinions on facts  he  has made up himself.

His latest crazy theory is that Trump is a plant, a stalking  horse  for Hillary Clinton.  His job is to act so stupid he  makes the  whole Republican party look stupid and, if he gets the nomination, so  much the better.  The real plan is to let Hillary  win.

I have to say (even though there’s no evidence, whatsoever), this  theory makes some sense to me.  They know each  other.  They have had a friendly relationship in the past, which is not  too surprising.  He is a billionaire.  She is a politician.  The two go together like flies and shit, like fracking and earthquakes.

If it is the  case, it’s in danger of backfiring.  No matter what  offensive thoughts emerge out of his retarded piehole, he continues to lead the Republican pack.  I’m sure Bernie Sanders would kick his ass.  I’m not sure Hillary has the charisma.

His latest fuck-up was in speaking to a Jewish group.  There were a couple of “you people” comments.  Like “you people love money,”  “you people all love to negotiate, like me.”  Not even subtle.

You want subtle  Jewish jokes?  Watch Deep Space Nine.  The Ferenghi are the Jews of the  galaxy , no doubt  in my mind at all.

It wasn’t even like it was a slip of the tongue, because his speech, to a Jewish  group, was just full of that shit.

Before that  there was the thing  about him making fun of a handicapped guy.  Before that, there was him urging his supporters to beat up the Black guy, and not exactly condemning them for peeing on the homeless.  Before that, he was threatening to close all the  mosques.  Never mind how illegal that is.  Before that is  was “She probably had blood coming out of her you know what.”  Before that it was ‘Mexican rapists.’

It’s all kind of unbelievable, unless, of course he  really is a straw man.  But he’s got a chance of winning and, even if he was set  up by the  Clinton’s, there’s  nothing  to stop him.

Except Bernie Sanders.


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