Inspiration and Reality

As many of you (I hope) know, I have a page called Poems About Paintings, which I’ve been doing for about 6 months now.  I enjoy it, and mostly it’s just a good prompt for me to write short, positive poems.

Former Glory

Former Glory, by Vitaly Strojnov

But also, sometimes the writing itself is educational for me, or maybe inspirational would be a better word, leading me to see the universe in a different way; maybe that’s a deeper insight, maybe it’s just an alternative view.  Either way, it’s something good.

Today was a good day.  I’d ‘liked’ the painting (Former Glory, pictured above) a couple of days ago, just to mark it, because I sort of had the idea, but today I worked it out and got a poem I really liked:

In secret gardens hidden
behind eroding walls
of buildings we abandoned long ago
forgotten or forbidden
The sun’s sweet light still falls
on places people do not even go

I  was reading another article today on how the universe doesn’t actually exist except when we observe it because of quantum mechanics and Niels Bohr and Schrodinger’s stupid cat and the Large Hadron Collider and something about tachyons, whatever they are.  I respect science, for sure, and I’m willing to entertain plenty of bizarre theories, but to me this just seems clearly, obviously wrong.

We know the Earth existed before we were born because of fossils and carbon dating and, for the last 6,000 years or so, an actual, written record.  We can be fairly certain that when a tree falls in the forest, the squirrels run away, and the air vibrates in a way we would  call sound,  if we could  hear it.  The universe does not revolve around you, me, or us collectively.  It just doesn’t.

And that’s why this painting struck me.  The sunlight is pouring into the garden, feeding the plants and creating a lovely effect, with complete disregard as to whether or not anyone is there to view it.


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