I’ve Changed My Mind About Memes

Now, I’m not dumb but I must admit I am a lazy thinker.  So, the ideas I throw out there here in my blog are ideas, some of which might be good, some of which might be bad.  The reader is allowed to take them with a grain of salt, to snicker and move on, or to use them as a springboard to other, better thoughts.  It’s all good.  I am launching my ideas into the ether and if they mix and mingle with others and become something bigger and better, I will feel a pride of authorship, which I imagine is something similar to the pride of parenthood, but I’m not really getting enough feedback to know.

Anyway, tonight’s topic is memes.  I have often used this blog to rail about the prevalence and the shallowness of memes.  The junk food of food for thought, I have called them.

Then, today, I read of a scientific survey which supported my view.  It proved. through test results in a controlled setting, that people who are influenced by these little nuggets of thought, these inspirational phrases set against a background of a beautiful sunset or kittens playing with vacuum cleaners or something, have lower IQs.

Suddenly, and completely irrationally, I find myself changing my mind.  What gives anybody the right to judge which memes are stupid and which are not?  And is it not possible that some of these memes contain bits of the truth?  Of course they do.

I just wish the people who create them would learn the difference between to and too.  Because that is seriously fucking annoying.


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