What if he Leaves?

Donald Trump has said more than once, and he said it again recently, that if he doesn’t get the Republican  nomination he might just go ahead and bolt the party and run Bull Moose, just for the hell of it.

Certain figures in the Republican party want Trump gone bad enough they’re trying to figure out if there’s some way they can kick him out of the party.

Can they even do that?  I don’t know.  They’re a political party, their internal affairs are no business of the government’s and  I don’t know  what, exactly, their rules are.  Being Republicans, they probably just make them up as they go along.

What would happen if they did?  Well, others would fill in the vacuum right away.  Probably Cruz or Rubio.

Trump would get plenty of votes as a 3rd party candidate because he is not fucking joking, folks.  Get over that scenario.  He has tasted the love of the  crowd, and he is going to hang onto that as long as he can.  But, with a split in Republican ranks, Bernie gets a free White House pass.  Awesome.

Also, Ben Carson has  made the same threat.  Sad, really.  The Republican party won’t cut Trump loose because he would tear the party in two.  They’ll dump Carson in a heartbeat.


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