Black Holes

Which comes first, the black hole or the galaxy?  In other words, is the galaxy a product of the black hole, which  would then have to have a spewing out stage stage as well as a sucking everything in a like a huge (i.e. galactic) vacuum cleaner.  Or, contrariwise, is the black hole a product of the galaxy around it, like a spinning marble of darkness that consumes all around  it and will eventually end us all.

I was just now watching a show on Discovery with that premise, and now I’m curious.  It strikes me as more logical that the black hole came first, but had to be something else, something exploding outwards, and now the black hole is the  burnt cinder at the middle of that explosion, but with a massive gravitational pull, which I can’t explain.

Then they talked about  wormholes, which totally seems like something out of Star Trek, I mean, who’s going to be the first volunteers to take their ship into a black hole?  But, it’s a cool thought.  A portal to another universe…

Isabel asked me this morning, while I was watching a similar program (weekends are for outer space and aliens), “How do we even know there are black holes.”

I looked it up.  It’s complicated.


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