What Can We Do About Stupid

I was about to make a comment in reply to the statement “Left wingers like to think all right wingers are stupid” with the slight correction that we don’t necessarily LIKE thinking that way, but the preponderance of evidence COMPELS us to think that way, but my finger slipped and the comment was gone.

Not only that, facebook had suddenly added a whole bunch of comments and refreshed my feed for me, which I’m pretty sure I  didn’t  actually ask them to do.

Eventually, I decided to take it as a sign.  Despite the wittiness (and the truth) of my comment, I know  (from having said similar things before) that it was not likely to win any converts, and might put the original poster in hot water.  I don’t know him except for facebook, but he’s generally a fairly liberal guy who lives in an extremely conservative state, so he probably has to deal with right wingers every day in real life.

What can we do, though?  The biggest reason to vote against Republicans, at this juncture in history, is that of all the somewhere between 10 an 15 candidates left, there isn’t a one who doesn’t deny science, and logic.  There isn’t a one who has fully thought out policies, or any policies which won’t fit on a bumper sticker.  There isn’t a single one of them who respects knowledge.

That’s  pretty horrible.  But, their party hasn’t collapsed yet because they have supporters who feel that way.  Smart people think they’re so smart.  We go with our gut.  And the flag.  And the bible.  And guns.

The thing is, we’re not allowed to say they are stupid, even though they obviously are.  I’d just like to point out one thing, though, in case there are any stupid people reading this  (there aren’t): smart people can tell.  Not every typo reveals a stupid person, but some of them do.  And logical fallacies all over the place.

I saw one guy the other day, when chastised for writing ‘strait,’ as in a body of water, when he wanted to write ‘straight’ as in “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, stupid liberals” and when called on it, said “Spell check accepted it so you can spell it either way.”

How do you even argue with that?


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