He’s a Joke, Right?

When the question of what to do about the Donald comes up, ‘serious’ Republicans say ‘Don’t worry.  He will never be nominated.  He’s a joke.’

I sure hope they’re right, but what about Dr. Ben Carson? ‘Don’t worry.  He will never be nominated.  He’s a joke.’


Every single one of them is flat out bonkers

O.K., what about Carly Fiorina? ‘Don’t worry.  She will never be nominated.  She’s a joke.’

And it’s true.  None of those three have ever held an elective office, they haven’t got a clue about it, and I sincerely hope they will never get closer to the White House than the public tour.

But what about the bridge-blocking New Jersey governor, who likes telling people to shut up at town hall meetings?  He’s a joke, of course, but he’s not as funny as John Candy or Chris Farley.

What about Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee, who swear up, down and sideways that God speaks directly to them, and apparently God says some really perverted shit.  Jokes, right?

How about John “I’m not crazy like those other guys” Kasich, who says ‘Global Warming might be real, but that doesn’t mean we need to do anything about it.’  He’s a joke, right?

Let’s face it: everybody in that party is a science denier, they all believe that opinions (or ‘beliefs’) are more important than facts, they all want to gut social security, weaken public schools, repeal Obamacare and keep the poor poor.

And one of them will get the nomination.  It’s a joke, but it’s not very funny.


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