I watched a bit of the debate this morning on CNN.

Trumps rant about how the American internets are just going to kick ISIS’s internets butts was quite comical.  Full disclosure, I’m not an expert on how the internet works either, but he sounded really dumb.  I think it would be fun to just ask him questions about all the different internets, and what we can do about them, from now on.

The main thing that struck me, though, was all the talk of war.  We are at war, we are under attack, Islamic extremists, why won’t  Obama say that, this is a war.

And Rubio, saying if we don’t keep spending kazillions of dollars on military equipment, we’ll have  the saddest, little, old air force the country’s ever seen.

They are all unhinged, as are all their supporters.  The U.S. is not at war.  There are no tanks massed on the Mexican border, no fleets of planes dropping bombs on New York and forcing everybody to take cover in the Subways, no Syrian submarines have been spotter near the Atlantic shore.

The war on terror is more like the war on drugs, or the war on poverty, than it is like an actual war.  The only problem is that people are getting killed.  Innocent people.

And, if Donald Trump his his way, there will be more of them.



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