Debbie Unterwasserman* Schultz

This is still new  news, so maybe it’s best not to jump to conclusions.  Maybe it’s just a wee understanding, something that can be worked out, since theoretically  we all belong to the same party.  Maybe tomorrow or the next day, Debbie Unterwasserman Schultz, as I’m referring to her from now on unless she gives me reason not to, will issue an apology and we will go back to having a nice, civilized election.


Debbie Unterwasserman Schultz

Probably not.  This  has political dirty trick written all over it.  If so, it’s a rather ham-handed one that is likely to backfire.

First, the backlash.  Bernie is playing nice so far, but that doesn’t obligate his supporters to do the same.  I suspect that a few thousand keyboard Berniacs read of this perfidy at the same time I did, and had the same visceral reaction: the gloves are off.

I expected we’d see dirty tricks at some point in the campaign, but I didn’t figure it to start until a few primaries in.  So, maybe camp Hillary  is feeling threatened.

Secondly, even as a campaign tactic, trying to keep down Bernie’s caucus attendance, it’s not likely to be effective.  There is this thing called social media,and there is about 2 months before the Iowa caucuses.  It’s not about having some list of names of possible attendees.  It’s about feeling the Bern.

And watching DNC Chairperson Debbie Unterwasserman Schultz actually trying to sabotage one  of the Democratic parties candidates leaves me feeling the Bern, most definitely.


*unterwasserman is Czech slang for a swindler or a con artist.


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